Here at Treacherous Peacock we have world class services with the best professionals.  We love to help cultivate what you possess already and turn it into something artistically incredible for the rest of the world to see and hear!

Our commitment is to offer unparalleled quality and value to every kind of Service at our disposal.  In our world of ever shifting sands, our team of allies will help you gain a solid foothold in the global marketplace.  If you can dream it then we can deliver it and we have a professional on staff that can help you with it.


    We can provide you with Song Writers, Live & Session Musicians, Music Producers as well as Mixing and Mastering Engineers.  We can provide custom Songs & ques for any genre of music for public or private use.  We have also assisted artists and bands find last minute personnel replacements for high profile shows.


    With the increasing complexity and uncertain operating environments in today’s business landscape, it’s important to have someone assist you in making better, faster and smarter decisions.  Allow us to assist you in navigating through the landmines of today’s corporate battlefield.  We bring an executive skillset in order to provide you with the actionable insights that will help you move in the right direction and lead to success.  We can also provide proven sales closers for your next client or prospect meeting.  We can provide negotiators for tense and uncomfortable conversations.  We can even provide training programs for your sales and marketing teams to assist them in meeting your quarterly and yearly goals.


    The finer things in life should be enjoyed and celebrated.  We work hard and we also play hard!  We provide comprehensive information and education on Fine Cigars, Pipe and Tobacco items, Bourbon & Whiskey, Bespoke Suits and fine Wines to name a few.  We also provide information on how to be educated and accredited in such endeavors.


    We can help develop your music and artistry while assisting you in moving forward in your music career.  Feel stuck?  Allow us to offer you a complimentary one time consultation so we can assess your needs and help you to achieve your goals.



    We are a BMI Music Publishing Company as well as an independent Book Publishing Company for print and digital media under Treacherous Peacock Publishing.


    Please visit our store and find the perfect gift for a loved one, or for yourself!

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